Saving for a big purchase: Effective strategies to try

06 Nov 2023

Preparing to make a big purchase can be both an exciting and daunting experience. You may be wondering about saving for your big purchase and how to budget for something like a new car or new house (for example). There are a few strategies to try that could help you save for your big expense and ensure you’re equipped to handle any ongoing maintenance or expenses associated with your big purchase.

A step-by-step guide to buying and selling homes simultaneously

24 Oct 2023

Deciding to set yourself the task of buying a new house at the same time as selling your current house can seem daunting, but there are ways to make it happen. Before you start developing your checklist for buying and selling a house, let’s take you through some factors you may like to consider. Don’t worry, we’ll still help you develop those checklists!

A student’s guide to living on a budget

18 Oct 2023

Anyone who’s spent many years of their life studying tertiary qualifications knows that living on a tight budget is key to getting the most bang for your buck. Budgeting as a student can be a little trickier as you often don’t have a regular source of income but still have living expenses to consider. Let’s take a look at some saving tips for students to help you keep on top of your spending and make the most of your time as a student.