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At Queensland Country Bank we are always looking for ways to improve our services to Members. As part of our current round of improvements, we are making changes which will impact members.

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Read about the significant changes

There is a significant project underway to improve our banking services for Members into the future.

To enable these improvements, Queensland Country Bank is transitioning to a new BSB number. This will pave the way for us to bring you a more superior banking experience, with benefits such as:

  • Better ways to manage your cards in the banking app and internet banking
  • More digital wallet options including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Increased access to real time transfers to and from other banks
  • New credit card loyalty rewards program
  • Numerous fee reductions

We acknowledge this will take effort on your behalf, and we will ensure sufficient time is provided to make these adjustments. We will do everything we can to support you, including working with some larger businesses and organisations to make these changes on your behalf, where possible.

We are absolutely committed to supporting our Members through these changes and have taken a number of steps to prepare, including:

  • Employing additional contact centre staff
  • Extending our contact centre opening hours
  • Up-skilling existing team members
  • Assigning dedicated specialists across the branch network
  • Asking our staff to complete their own banking changes, so they understand first-hand how to best assist you

This webpage outlines detail about the improvements project, and what action is required from you. We thank you for your patience as we roll out these improvements.



Aaron Newman

Chief Executive Officer

Important Changes



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New BSB – over to you!

Your new BSB for Queensland Country Bank is 654 000, and it is now time to start using your new BSB. There are some important things to be aware of:

  • Your new BSB must be used with your existing account number, not your Member number or any other reference number
  • You will need to notify anyone making payments to For example: your payroll officer, health insurer, friends and family
  • You will need to notify any organisation that you have regular direct debits set up with. For example: school fees, gym memberships or pay tv

Think about money coming into your account and money going out of your account, this is the simplest way to identify who needs to know your new BSB.

We understand most Members will have a number of changes to make. To allow you sufficient time to update your information and to support you with this change, we will not turn off the previous

BSB straight away. However, in the future the previous BSB will no longer work, so it is important that you start taking steps to make this change as soon as possible. We will contact all Members prior to turning off the previous BSB.


We’ve already notified some contacts for you

To assist with transitioning to your new BSB, we have notified some major organisations already. If you are dealing with these organisations, we’ve completed this on your behalf. They include:

  • Queensland Country Health Fund
  • CGU
  • Services Australia (Centrelink, Veterans’ Affairs and Child Support)

As we add more organisations to the list, we will update this webpage.


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If you have a SmartBudget agreement, you will need to update your BSB for all direct debits in place. You will need to ensure you are using the new BSB with your unique direct debit account number, rather than any other numbers or references for each of the relevant direct debits.

The SmartBudget team will contact you directly with a checklist of all of the direct debits made from your SmartBudget account, so you can work through these one by one.

If you ever need another copy of your checklist, you can request one at any branch or call 1800 075 078.



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Queensland Country Health Fund Members

If you are a Member of Queensland Country Health Fund and Queensland Country Bank, here’s what you need to know:



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Business Banking Members

If you hold a business banking account with card access with Queensland Country Bank, you too will be issued with replacement debit and credit cards.

You will also need to update your new BSB and use that in combination with your existing account number for any organisation withdrawing money from your account via direct debit and those paying money into your account. This includes:

  • Customers paying you via electronic funds transfer – you will need to update your tax invoice template
  • Deposits from merchant facilities into your Queensland Country Bank account – you will need to notify your merchant facility provider
  • Transfers between your Queensland Country Bank accounts and your non-Queensland Country Bank accounts

The business banking team have created a checklist for you to use to assist with making these changes as smooth as possible.



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Your chance to win a $1000 gift card

From 8 August 2022 through to 31 January 2023, each time an eligible Member uses the new BSB 654 000 for any debit or credit payment they will go into the monthly draw to win a $1,000 gift card. There will be 6 draws, being a total value of $6,000. Details on how to update your payment details are available above. Terms and conditions apply. Winners will be notified by phone or email.


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Banking app improvements

If you log into the banking app, you will start to see some improvements, which we will continue to keep rolling out for you. Some of these improvements include:

  • Access to more digital wallets including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay
  • Request and commence using virtual digital cards instantly
  • Push your card details from the banking app into Apple Pay
  • Ability to manage your cards including setting daily limits and blocking certain transaction types

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New debit and credit cards

As part of the overall banking improvements we’re making, we are issuing new debit and credit cards to all Members. Giving consideration to how we contribute to a sustainable environment, we are producing all new cards on 82% recycled material.

The new cards are being issued between May and December 2022. These will be mailed with Australia Post. To ensure you receive your card without delay, it’s important that we have your current postal address on file. You can update this in internet banking, in the banking app or call us on 1800 075 078.

The new cards being issued are part of the Visa network and work a little differently to your previous cards. The differences are outlined in the letter that will arrive with your new card. You can still request your favourite design, including the popular Cowboys card.


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Faster banking with PayID and Osko

You don’t have to do anything, simply enjoy faster banking.

Our new BSB allows for faster transfers using the Osko network. This means when sending and receiving money with an account outside of Queensland Country Bank, you may receive the money almost immediately providing the other financial institution also has this capability.

You may have already noticed the word Osko coming up on your statement, in your account transactions on internet banking or in the banking app.

If you haven’t already set up PayID, we encourage you to do this so you can enjoy receiving money instantly. You can set this up in internet banking or the banking app. Further instructions on how to do this are available at

My Rewards Card BankingImprovement600x400.jpg

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New credit card rewards program

Our existing credit card loyalty rewards program is currently getting a make-over. You will be able to access the new credit card loyalty rewards program from your banking app, giving you easy access to track your rewards. We’ll make an announcement when the changes are ready.


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Fee reductions

The changes we are making will not only enable faster and better banking, but they will also enable Queensland Country to pass on savings to Members in the form of fee reductions. Stay tuned to hear more about these savings in the near future.

We understand these changes will require effort from Members to implement and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

This webpage will be kept up to date with the improvements as they occur.

If you have any questions, please call 1800 075 078, or drop into one of our branches.

We’re here to help!  If you would like a Member of our team to contact you for further assistance with our Banking Improvement changes, please fill out the form located below.  Our friendly staff will be in contact with you within 5 working days. 

If your matter is urgent, please contact 1800 075 078 or visit your nearest branch.  



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What is the Queensland Country Bank BSB?

Queensland Country Bank has a new BSB 654 000. The former BSB 704 640 is still in use and will eventually be phased out.

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Will Apple Pay be available?

Yes, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are available with all new cards.

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Do I have to do anything yet?

We now invite you to start using BSB 654 000 with your existing account number, not your Member number or any other reference number. Please read this webpage to learn more.

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What is PayID

A PayID is unique to you and you only. It could be your mobile number or email address.

So instead of giving over hard to remember BSB and account numbers, you can give them your PayID and they'll be able to transfer money to you.

No longer will you be waiting 24 to 72 hours for your friend's payment for dinner from the other night. Plus, when you receive their payment it will come with their accompanying message so you know what it's for.

And if you need to pay someone and they are registered for PayID, you’ll only need their PayID to transfer money directly into their bank account. And they'll also receive it in a super speedy timeframe!

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How to set my PayID on web banking?

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How to set my PayID on mobile?

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How do I update my BSB in PayPal?

If you have a PayPal account with a linked Queensland Country account, you can update your banking details with the following steps.

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When will the former BSB be phased out?

The former BSB 704 640 is still in use. It will eventually be phased out in the future, once all Members have switched to the new BSB. All Members will be notified before it is switched off.