We are proud to release our first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our Reflect RAP helps us identify where we are as an organisation so we can gain clarity on how to build internal cultural capability and engage our staff to align perspectives and achieve a truly culturally safe workplace where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

Our purpose

Our aim is to make a meaningful contribution to reconciliation in Queensland. We will continue to embrace this journey with open hearts and minds, learn and grow from challenges and raise the bar by building on our existing foundations and commitments in our Reconciliation Action Plan. We are committed to raising awareness, appreciation, and respect for First Nations people within our organisation and our communities.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

For us, “Country” is a state of mind rather than our geography. It’s about being genuine in everything we do; it’s about being honest, up-front with Members, and contributing to the sustainability of our communities. We have and will continue to develop quality relationships with our Members based on our commitment to our firmly held values of ‘putting people first, ‘being genuine’ and ‘bringing our best.

We are passionate about ensuring our workplaces reflect the communities we serve and that our staff have a strong connection to the community. By providing programs for staff to give back, such as: our Community Volunteer Program; our Good for Good grants; and Sponsorships, together with a strategic and public commitment to reconciliation, will ensure that we recruit and retain staff who are aligned to our story of providing ethical and responsible banking and insurance services to all Queenslanders.

This RAP is our commitment to our staff, Members, Community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We recognise the inequities in our society, especially concerning financial literacy and housing, and we appreciate that we have an opportunity to take the lead to educate, support, and service First Nations peoples and our youth in achieving improved social equity. We want to take steps to break the bias, bridge the gaps and better integrate reconciliation within our organisation.

Our motif

Our Motif was designed by Luke Duffy, a Kalkadoon Aboriginal digital contemporary artist. Luke’s work draws inspiration from symbols and vibrant colours as he expresses experiences and creates understanding of stories.

Using digital art in a modern world has allowed Luke to share his passion of Aboriginal culture across many platforms both at a local and national level.

Title of the artwork: Warukara Yaunati
Meaning: (pathway, tracks growing)

Read the full story of Warukara Yaunati in the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Reconciliation Action Plan artwork - Warukara Yaunati by Luke Duffy