You can access your money securely and easily with our range of Visa cards. We offer Visa Debit cards on our transaction accounts and Visa Credit cards on our Credit Card and My Rewards Credit card accounts.

Below you'll find out about some of the great features of our cards and information on how to get the most out of them.

Activating your card

When you receive a new or replacement card, you may need to activate it before use. 

If you ordered your card through internet banking or the Mobile App and are able to add your card to a digital wallet, your physical card will arrive active and ready to use. 

If you ordered your card through a branch or our Contact Centre, call us on 1800 075 078 and follow the prompts to activate your card.

Card controls

Card controls are a feature available in internet banking or the Mobile App, giving you extra security and control over your physical credit and debit cards, by blocking certain types of card transactions.

You can block transactions in Australia and overseas:

  • Tap and Go (Visa payWave)
  • In-store purchases
  • Online purchases
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Digital wallet purchases.

You can change these preferences at any time.

You can access card controls by logging into internet banking or the Mobile App and going to Card Management > Card Controls.

Find out more about internet banking or the Mobile App.

Add your card to a digital wallet

A digital wallet gives you the freedom to carry all your cards in one place, on your smartphone. Both our Visa Debit and Visa Credit cards can be added to your digital wallet using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Find out more about digital wallets.

Tap and Go with Visa PayWave

Our cards are enabled with Visa PayWave, so you can simply tap your card against the PayWave reader to almost instantly pay for your goods. For purchases under $100, you don't even need to enter your PIN, and the card never leaves your hand.

Visa payWave is available on our Visa credit cards and Visa debit cards and can be used at participating merchants with a payWave enabled reader or EFTPOS terminal.

To use Visa payWave for purchases under $100, you simply need to wave your payWave enabled card or digital wallet near the reader to pay for your purchase - the transaction is completed in just a few seconds.

If your purchase is more than $100, you can still use Visa payWave - you'll simply need to enter your PIN, the same way you normally would.

Visa payWave cards have multiple layers of security in place to make sure your money and transactions are safe, and payWave transactions also have Visa's Zero Liability protection, which ensures you are not responsible for fraudulent or unauthorised transactions, subject to the terms and conditions and provided you did not contribute to the loss incurred.

Your card and security

Queensland Country works with Vigil, a card security monitoring service, to monitor and report any suspicious transactions. This means we can work quickly to protect your funds in the event your card is compromised.

Find out more about card security.

Card designs to choose from

Visa Debit card options - yellow, pink, white, teal, Cowboys supporter card