These days, it’s easy to access your money overseas.

We recommend that you take more than one source of funds when travelling overseas, so if one is lost, stolen or inaccessible you will still have another option to access cash for travelling expenses.

  • Visa credit and Visa debit cards – Our Visa credit and debit cards are accepted anywhere on the Visa network across the world, giving you access to over 1 million ATMs and 24 million merchants in 170 countries
  • Cash Passport – a prepaid, PIN-protected card that can be loaded with foreign currency and isn’t linked to your bank account, giving you added peace of mind.
  • Foreign currency – we can arrange currency for over 30 countries

Taking a combination of foreign currency, a Multi-currency Cash Passport card™, and your Queensland Country debit and/or credit card will help minimise the risk of being left without access to money overseas.

We can arrange for a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card for you and can also provide foreign currency banknotes for over 30 countries in a variety of denominations. The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ is a pre-paid, PIN protected card that enables you to obtain local currency from overseas ATMs.

Foreign cash

It's a good idea to have some local currency on you when travelling. You can pre-order your foreign cash at any Queensland Country Branch, that way you're prepared with local currency when you arrive at your destination. A range of currencies are available at your local branch, simply go to the 'Find Us' search bar to look for a branch near you.

Tips when travelling

If you’re planning an overseas holiday, there are lots of things to consider, including how you’ll access your funds, the security of your money overseas, staying on top of payments while you’re away, travel insurance and what to do before you go.

Check out our travelling tips for some useful information to think about before you go overseas.