Queensland Country Bank's Broker Support Team assists our broker network with getting Members into their new homes.

In this series, we'll introduce the faces behind the team and get to know them.

Meet Sharon Evans, our Head of Third Party Distribution.

What’s your role at Queensland Country Bank?

Head of Third Party Distribution – which looks after business coming in from outside of the Retail and branch network. This covers Broker, Online and some Specialised lending.

How long have you been working at Queensland Country Bank?

I have worked here for just over 7 years now, in a number of roles within Queensland Country Bank.

What does your job entail?

Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. I provide ongoing updates on what we do and how we do it – making our points of difference clear within the market. Focus on process improvement and continued education within the team while driving outcomes.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Definitely working within the team to achieve our goals, seeing growth year-on-year is very exciting and knowing that what we do contributes to our overall organisational success is rewarding

How many brokers do you work with across Queensland, and how do you find working with brokers different to retail lending? What do you think are some of the trends in home buying over the next few years?

We have built trusted and strong relationships within our broker network and have 2 key aggregators that refer business. All up there are over 150 brokers that hold accreditation with us that we connect with on a regular basis.

While we have the same policy and procedures with lending, working with brokers is challenging as they deal with multiple lending with varying policy so keeping them on top of what we do and how we do it a big part of what the team do on a daily basis.  

Over the last 2 years within the broker and online channel there has been continued growth in lending. This is a result of market demands; more people are using brokers for their finance needs while the online channel provides member the flexibility to apply for finance when and where they want, in the comfort of their own home or catching a bus to work.

Government grants and low interest rates had stimulated the home buyer market and assisted thousands of people achieve their dreams of owning their own home sooner rather than later. Being on the panel to deliver the scheme has played a part with our unprecedented growth over the last 3 years. Our commitment to provide competitive pricing and add value to our members continues to be part of our daily routine and we expect 2024 to be another year worth celebrating.


We'll be sharing more stories from our Broker Support team over the coming weeks.