Meet Paul Cavallaro, our Broker Relationship Manager at Queensland Country Bank.

With 20 years in the finance industry under his belt, Paul is well-versed in fostering strong relationships with Queensland Country's broker network to ensure our Members are offered the best possible service.

We asked Paul about his experiences in banking and working with the Broker channel.

What’s your role at Queensland Country Bank?

I am a Broker Relationship Manager for our northern region.

How long have you been working at Queensland Country?

3.5 years with Queensland Country Bank, but 20 years in the finance industry.

What does your job entail?

To create strong relationships with the broker network to provide the best service possible. This is done over the phone and face to face visits across the broker network. To liaise with the brokers with scenarios and applications to find the best solution for the Member. I am also involved in assessing and writing loan submissions.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Above all I enjoy the problem solving, and ‘thinking outside the box’ aspect of the role. I also enjoy the portfolio feel of the role to look after many different brokers from different towns and cities whom all have different backgrounds and skill levels.

How many brokers do you work with across Queensland, and how do you find working with broker different to retail lending? What do you think are some of the trends in home buying over the next few years?

67 accredited brokers with a few more currently in the accreditation process.

In the broker network, you are not face to face with the Member throughout the process so we are reliant on the brokers to have quality conversations with the Members so we can provide them with the best possible outcome.

Trends are very difficult to predict as there are many factors that affect the outcome. COVID-19 was one of those factors in recent times. However, I can see further growth in the North Queensland regional areas over the next few years due to further infrastructure projects and other investments in the pipeline that will fuel the local property market.