Queensland Maroons and Melbourne Storm player Harry Grant is kicking financial goals with the recent purchase of an investment property in his home town of Yeppoon.  As a first home buyer, Harry relied on the advice of friends and family, and a Queensland Country Bank home loan for a hassle-free experience.

Congratulations on purchasing your first home! Tell us about the property.

"Thanks, it’s really exciting to be a home owner. I was after an investment property that would be easy to maintain and situated close to the beach. I wanted it to be in my hometown of Yeppoon because I love the region, and I have a lot of family and friends there who were able to help out with all that’s required with buying my first home. I’m stoked with the end result."

What made you choose Queensland Country Bank for your home loan?

"I had heard of Queensland Country Bank through their association with the North Queensland Cowboys, and decided to choose them for my home loan for a few reasons. They offered a simple and easy process, the staff were very approachable, and they offered great interest rates and security. I really liked how they were very easy to approach with any questions, especially for someone like me who was new to buying a home. You can tell they want what’s best for their Members."

How have your savings habits as a kid helped you achieve your financial goals as an adult?

"I’ve always been keen to save money, and once I put money in my savings, I never withdrew it. I always did plenty of chores or helped family or friends for some extra pocket money, and I first saved for a new surfboard at 13. I used to go down to the surfboard factory and clean out the shaping bays just to try get a discount on my surfboard.

At 14, I started working in a café for two years, then from there I worked at Zambreros until I left school. After school I started an Electrical Apprenticeship, which taught me how to live off a reasonably small wage.

My goal is to be financially secure for life after football, and purchasing my first home is a great step towards achieving that."

What was it like to play State of Origin Game 1 for the Maroons at Queensland Country Bank Stadium earlier this year?

"It was a great experience playing at Queensland Country Bank Stadium. It was a very disappointing result, but it is always an honour to put on the Maroon jersey and it’s something I never take for granted. To be a part of the first Origin game in Townsville at Queensland Country Bank Stadium is something I can tell the grandkids about in years to come."

Will you ever come and play for the North Queensland Cowboys? (we had to ask...we are their Official Banking Partner after all 😊)

"I’d never rule out moving back to Queensland to play footy. We’ll just have to see what happens down the track!

My main goal right now is winning a premiership with Melbourne. There are a lot of individual goals I would like to achieve, like playing for more games for Queensland and getting the chance to play for Australia. To do that I must be playing consistent footy at NRL level which is something I aim to do every week."

What advice would you give someone saving for their first home?

"Save hard and early, and have a little plan of what you want to do or achieve with your money. Also, don’t be afraid to consult numerous people for their opinions and experience around purchasing a home."