Three Milestone Anniversaries In A Week

At the end of last year, we had a momentous week for three of our staff members as they celebrated a significant anniversary at Queensland Country Bank.

We wouldn’t be able to celebrate where they are now, without looking at where they’ve been with us over the last decade or two. Read on to find out their Queensland Country stories.

Colleen’s 15 years

If you’ve ever stepped foot in the Queensland Country Bank Mount Isa branch, chances are you’ve been greeted with a smile and assistance from Colleen Hetherington, who this week celebrated 15 years of helping locals achieve their financial goals and supporting the community through grants and sponsorships.

Ms Hetherington is a Personal Banking Team Leader and over the years has held several roles including insurance specialist, lending specialist, health insurance champion and a member of the Enquiries team.

 “The two constants during this time have been Queensland Country’s commitment to our Members and the high standard of service we provide,” she says.

“The overwhelming feedback we regularly hear from our Members and non-Members that visit the branch is the friendly atmosphere, the availability of staff to assist them and how easy we are to do business with.

“I enjoy the job, I love the people I work with and being able to help our Members achieve their financial goals and dreams.”

Our Group CEO Aaron Newman said, “Colleen is a great example of someone who started as a teller with us in 2005, and has continued to be recognised for her contribution and promoted within the organisation along the way.”

“It’s so important to Members to have a relationship with branch staff who understand their personal situation and the region, particularly in a community such as Mount Isa, and we know our local Members value Colleen’s work as much as we do.”

“Colleen’s peers love her sense of humour, her easy-going attitude and her commitment to the team,” he says.

“Members appreciate her knowledge, her diligence, the fact she is a local and her friendly manner.

“It’s certainly a special occasion as we congratulate and thank Colleen for her contribution to our team and Members.”

Karinne’s 20 Years

Despite smelling of fried food at her job interview for a casual position in a small credit union twenty years ago, Karinne Karlsson has gone on to enjoy a successful career in the banking industry, taking pride in helping Queensland Country Bank Members achieve their financial goals and supporting local communities through grants and sponsorships.

“I remember walking out of my shift at the local supermarket, smelling of fried food, for an interview with the credit union across the road,” Ms Karlsson recalls.

“I got the job as a casual, and over the years I have worked in several different locations and seen three mergers and many new branches open.”

Ms Karlsson was recently appointed Personal Banking Team Leader and transferred to the Queensland Country Bank Riverlink branch. 

“Our Members love the fact they can still get personal service,” she says.

“They can call into a branch or phone and speak us, rather than an automated voice.”

“As we know a lot of our Members really well, it’s like catching up with friends each day. It is a great feeling being able to solve a Member’s financial problem and make their life easier.”

Susan’s 20 years

According to Queensland Country Bank Charters Towers Branch Manager, Susan Murphy, building close relationships with her colleagues and the Members they serve is the secret to her longevity in the organisation.

 “I have formed close friendships with many staff and Members over the years,” she says

“When you have been managing their banking needs for as long as I have, you get to know some Members very well both professionally and personally.

“Our staff genuinely care about our Members’ finances and wellbeing, and we share their excitement when their home or car loan is approved,” she added.

Our Group CEO, Aaron Newman said, “It is always so meaningful when we can celebrate significant staff milestones, and Sue is a terrific contributor to our organisation,”.

“One of the key responsibilities for our organisation is to provide worthwhile and fulfilling careers in regional areas that staff may not otherwise have access to, and we recruit from within where possible to give people opportunities if they demonstrate the right values, work ethic and ambition. Sue is a perfect example of someone who has developed and grown within the organisation and is now a senior leader that other staff look up to,” he said.

In addition to offering fulfilling career paths, Mr Newman believes the key to the organisation’s impressive staff retention rate is shared values.

“Putting people first is one of Queensland Country’s values and we live that through every decision we make for our staff and Members,” he says.

“We help Members achieve their financial and health goals, offer value for money products and services, and support our local communities through grants and sponsorships.

“I think this attracts staff who want to work for Queensland Country because their values align with our own, and they feel pretty good about helping others.”