Have you ever arrived at the grocery store five minutes before they close, to only realise that you left your wallet at home?

Don’t stress, Queensland Country Bank’s Debit and Credit Cards can now be accessed anywhere that accepts contactless payments with this symbol imagenf59.png

How does it work?

A digital wallet put simply is an app available in most smart phones that allows you to store your Credit and or Debit Card information. This is a perfect option if you don’t have a wallet on hand or looking for a faster way to make a Credit or Debit Card payment.

Generally, your card information can be protected by using face recognition or with a password for security. Within your digital wallet app your card information also won’t be completely available for you to view.

Find out which digital wallet is compatible with your mobile device below: 

Google Pay

Pay simply and securely with Google Pay on your compatible Android device and eligible Queensland Country Bank debit or credit card. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is easy to use with the devices you use everyday – your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Digital Wallet FAQs

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Which digital wallets are available for Queensland Country Cards?

Queensland Country cards are currently enabled to be loaded onto Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets.

Learn more about Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

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What payments or transactions can I make with my digital wallet?

You can complete any transaction that you normally would with your physical card at anywhere that accepts contactless payments.

Ensure you have enabled the “Digital Wallet” card controls in internet banking or the Mobile App to make a digital wallet payment.

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Does it cost anything to set up a digital wallet?

No, it does not cost you anything to use Apple Wallet or Google Pay. However, you will need to check what charges may apply to the applications you use to access your cards if you decide to use any other digital wallet applications other than Apple Wallet or Google Pay. 

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How secure is my card information if I store it in a Digital Wallet?

Transactions using a digital wallet are secure. These applications impose security measures around paying with your device, like face recognition and or password protection.

For added security we suggest that you review our internet banking security tips here and card security information here to ensure you are aware of internet safety and security. https://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/ is also another resource you can rely on for information on how to protect yourself online.

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Will my digital wallet still work while my physical card is restricted?

There are times where you may unintentionally overdraw your account while waiting for pay day.  When this occurs both your digital wallet and physical card will be restricted until your balance becomes positive again.  Once this has been done your digital wallet and physical card can take up to an hour to become active again.  

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Will I still be able to use my digital wallet if I lose my physical card?

Yes, our team will be able to cancel your existing card, order you a new one and link the new card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay without disrupting service to your digital wallet.

You can also report your card as lost or stolen directly through internet banking and choose to reorder a new one, and you’ll be able to link your new card straight away to your Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you have lost your physical card or suspect it’s been stolen, login to internet banking or the app and complete the steps, or get in touch with us immediately by calling our Contact Centre on 1800 075 078 (or 1800 648 027 or (02) 8299 9101 after hours) or visiting your local branch.

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What happens if I lose my phone?

Report your phone as lost or stolen immediately by calling our Contact Centre on 1800 075 078 or visiting your local branch. Our team will be able to disable your digital wallet without impacting the use of your physical card.

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Why is the card shown in my digital wallet a different design to my physical card?

You may have one of our old physical card designs which were not included due to our rebrand to a member-owned bank. If you now have a new card you can update the design in your digital wallet by simply deleting the card and re-adding it again.   

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Can I put my card on someone else’s digital wallet?

No. For your security, if any Queensland Country card is used via a third party’s digital wallet, it will be removed. Use of a Queensland Country card by any person other than the cardholder is a breach of our Electronic access facilities and ePayments Conditions of Use. Learn more about our Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use.