We are aware of an SMS phishing scam that is using the Linkt brand. Please follow our advice to remain safe.

The text is being sent to the general public, including people who may not have an account with Linkt. The sms comes from an unknown mobile number and directs the recipient to click on a short link that may or may not resemble similarities with the Linkt brand. By using a spoofing technique it makes the message appear as if the sender is Linkt.

The intention is to gain personal information by asking you to pay an outstanding payment or to update vehicle information. As a result, once the cardholder participates by clicking on the link, providing card details and the secure code sent to them by Queensland Country Bank, this allows the registration of the card onto a digital wallet. Once this has been set up on their own device they are successful at shopping using the card details.

Due to the nature of the way the scammer gains access to your details, the transactions are fully secured and there are no chargeback rights for this type of transaction. Therefore cardholders who fall victim to these crimes are incurring loss of funds.

Important: If you think you may have fallen victim to this scam, the transactions will show as apple pay (merchant details) or google pay (merchant details). If you are sure these are not transactions are not of your own, please get in touch with contact centre 1800 075 078 or info@queenslandcountry.bank

These are some of the examples provided to us by our Members:

Linkt Scam  (840 × 420 px).jpg