Unpacking landlord’s insurance: Keeping your rental property protected

20 Jul 2023

Calling all residential property investors… have you insured your property? You might have heard of landlord’s insurance but aren’t too sure about all the nitty gritty details. Before you jump into searching for landlord’s insurance costs and quotes, let’s break it down so you know what landlord’s insurance does and does not cover, and can better understand why, as an investor, it’s important for you to have it.

What you need to know about refinancing your home loan

21 Jun 2023

It’s one of those life tasks that you may cross at some point in time, but refinancing your home loan doesn’t have to be as scary or hard as you’re thinking it is. In fact, you could find yourself wondering why you dreaded it in the first place. Before you start looking into home refinance rates, let’s put those worries at ease – we’ll cover what it is, how refinancing works, reasons for refinancing, costs to be aware of and some final tips to keep in mind.

Maximising your mortgage: How can an offset account help?

10 Apr 2023

You’ve probably heard of an offset account and know that lots of people rave about it, but what exactly is a mortgage offset account, and how can it help you? Just like with any big decision, you should always think about your personal circumstances, but to help you out, let’s do a deep dive into the world of offset accounts.

What is a comparison rate?

26 Mar 2023

Anyone looking at taking out a loan will notice that there are two rates that appear – an interest rate and a comparison rate. While most people understand the purpose of the interest rate, it can be confusing to comprehend how it differs from the comparison rate. Let’s break it down to properly understand the difference.