Trainee To The Top

Starting out in a new career can be a daunting experience. Whether it be a new industry, your first job out of school or a new department in a familiar setting. At Queensland Country we recognise the value of developing our people so we can better serve our Members, and offering traineeships is one of the key ways we do this.

The beauty of a traineeship is that we can combine structured learning with on the job, real time experience that allows trainees to put their learnings in to practice, all while working toward a nationally recognised qualification.  Our preference is to have trainees graduate with a Certificate III or Certificate IV in their chosen field, but we work with each team member to find the best outcome for them and their career.

This sets our team members up for success with a clear career path to help get them to where they want to be.  For Queensland Country’s Chief Risk Officer, Shawn Anderson, a traineeship offered the opportunity to gain a diverse skill set across the organisation that would set him up for his current and future roles, as a steward for the future of Queensland Country Bank.

“I started as a trainee in the branch network where I learnt about the importance of face to face service with our Members along with the fundamentals of banking. It was this role that cemented my passion for the finance industry.

“We’re in a unique position to be able to help Members achieve their financial dreams, whether that be home ownership or saving a nest egg for later in life.

“Once I completed my traineeship I stayed in the branch network for just over three years, after which time I was able to move into our Credit Department.  The time within the Credit Department saw me take several roles, starting out in Loan Assessment and Securitisation then into the Assistant Credit Manager position and finally into the Credit Manager position, which I held for approximately eight years.  This time in Credit gave me a wide experience within the department and more broadly within the business through various projects and memberships with different committees.

“Queensland Country supported me through further study along the way to complete a  Diploma in Financial Services, a Certificate IV in Commercial Lending Small and Medium Enterprise, Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Graduate Certificate in  Business Administration and presently studying for a Masters of Business Administration. All while working and applying my study first-hand – it’s such an invaluable way to learn.”

“I’ve held positions in management and leadership across Transactional Services, IT, Property, Credit and Legal and Compliance during my time at Queensland Country.

“As Chief Risk Officer I’m able to help steer the strategic direction of the business, while ensuring appropriate consideration is given around risks that may impact the business and the direction we are moving.  This involvement has a real impact on the future security of Queensland Country for our Members.”

While there is no limit of traineeships offered each year Queensland Country aims to recruit at least two indigenous traineeships each year, with CEO Aaron Newman highlighting the importance of having a workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve.

“In a number of our locations we are the only financial institution and I believe we have a responsibility to those communities to provide career and education opportunities.  Our Indigenous Traineeship Program is one way that we can achieve this.

“In the past couple of years we’ve been fortunate to have a young trainee start with us, who has now completed her training and is employed full time in one of our Townsville branches. It’s a real pleasure to see our trainees build their skills and confidence as they progress.

“Sianne Dowling started with us through our Trainee Partnership with the North Queensland Cowboys in 2017 and was a shy but competent young woman when she joined.

“It was a great honour of mine to witness firsthand how much her confidence had grown in a few short years when she confidently delivered a Welcome to Country to our entire 360+ staff at our Staff Conference in 2018.”

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