Driving Away With Another Canstar Award

We are excited to announce for the third consequetive year,  that we have been awarded the prestigious Canstar 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value for our New Car Loan.

Canstar researched and rated 229 similar loans and determined that our New Car Loan was one of just 22 new car loan products and services to receive the ‘2019 5-Star Rating – Outstanding Value Car Loans’.  We were also thrilled to be awarded for our Pension Plus account as well. 

Our Head of Products and Members Services Rebekah Haynes was pleased to have received independent recognition. As a member-owned institution, we have a strong focus on providing genuinely beneficial products and services to our Members.

“We’re extremely proud to be recognised for our Pensioner Plus Account and to acknowledged three years in a row for the Outstanding Value Car Loans,” says Ms Haynes.

“Our New Car Loan provides our Members with a value for money product that assists them into their car of choice up to three years old."

“As a Member-owned organisation we put our profits into providing better value for our Members, so it was a conscious choice to enable Members to redraw on the loan as required to encourage them to increase their monthly repayment fees and reduce their interest over the term of the loan."

“We’ve always prided ourselves on providing flexible financial solutions with low interest rates and features that matter like pre-approval for added bargaining power and the ability to factor all on road costs like insurance, registration and roadside assistance into the loan.”

Canstar’s Personal and Car Loans Star Ratings are determined using its proprietary methodology to compare price and features to measure and rank the overall value of personal loans.

Canstar.com.au’s Star Ratings Manager, Joshua Sale says that anyone looking to buy a new car could find savings by shopping around for the right car finance.

“Canstar's 5-Star Rated new car loans are highlighted for offering new car shoppers a competitive price and a good mix of loan features,” says Mr Sale.

“At the time of the research, the interest rate on Queensland Country Credit Union’s new car loan was approximately 5% cheaper than the market average, making it an attractive option. This means that for those looking for $25,000 loan over 5 years, Queensland Country Credit Union customers could save around $3,400 in interest when compared to the market average from Canstar’s new car loan database. 

“Of course, there’s more than just cost to consider when taking out a loan. Queensland Country’s New Car Loan offers a range of features such as pre-approval, no fees for paying out the loan early, and the ability to borrow the full purchase price of the car, including on road costs and insurance.”

Ms Haynes says that Canstar is a consumer focused, trusted source for Australians to turn to when researching and comparing financial products.

 “The key areas Canstar assesses are functionality, flexibility, the overall application process and any applicable fees and charges,” she says.

“To have been independently rated as one of the top products in the country against the criteria that matters most to us too is great news for Queensland Country but more importantly, great news for our current and future Members who take out the loan product.”

To find out more about our New Car Loan click here. You can also make an appointment to speak with one of our friendly team members or contact us by the phone here.