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What is NPP?

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a major industry initiative to develop new infrastructure for Australian payments. It will provide you with faster, simpler and smarter payments through a fast and versatile payments system.

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How did NPP come about?

The New Payments Platform is a major industry initiative that came to life following a strategic review of the Australian payments system by the Payments System Board in 2012. This review identified a range of additional features that were desirable in the Australian payments system to make payments faster and in real time.

Spearheaded by the RBA and 13 participating financial institutions the New Payments Platform was mobilised. 

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What are the features of NPP?

There are four key features of NPP:

  1. SPEED - the ability to make payments in real time, with close to immediate funds available in your bank account straight away
  2. 24/7 AVAILABILITY - the ability to make and receive payments 24/7 outside normal banking hours
  3. SIMPLE ADDRESSING - a system called PayID is what makes this new payment method so easy. You'll be able to make payments using a unique identifier like a phone or mobile number or email address.
  4. DATA RICH - you can include more information with payments - you’ll be able to include 280 characters of text with your payment

You'll soon notice products and services of NPP called PayID and Osko by BPAY. 

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What is PayID?

A PayID is unique to you and you only. It could be your mobile number or email address.

So instead of giving over hard to remember BSB and account numbers, you can give them your PayID and they'll be able to transfer money to you.

No longer will you be waiting 24 to 72 hours for your friend's payment for dinner from the other night. Plus, when you receive their payment it will come with their accompanying message so you know what it's for.

And if you need to pay someone and they are registered for PayID, you’ll only need their PayID to transfer money directly into their bank account. And they'll also receive it in a super speedy timeframe!

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Do you need to register for PayID?

Yes. We now invite you to register your PayID via your Internet Banking or mobile banking app. To learn how, you can watch the below video for step by step instructions.

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What are the benefits of PayID?

There are a number of benefits to using a PayID including:

  • It makes payments simple and does it in a way that is secure and safe.
  • It's convenient as you'll only have to provide payers with details that are easy to remember such as an email address or phone number (mobile or landline).
  • It gives you greater peace of mind as you no longer have to provide your financial account information, such as BSB and account number to payers in order to receive payments.
  • You'll also have the ability to maintain and transfer your PayID if you change financial institutions.
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How secure is PayID and Osko on the New Payments Platform (NPP)

PayID has high security standards that must be met by us and other participating financial institutions that register your details on the service, which they can only do with your informed consent.

Osko will use the NPP; a world leading technology certified to highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All payments made on the platform are also subject to participating institutions own real-time fraud screening and detection capabilities.

The NPP has been designed to reduce the risk of mistaken or fraudulent payments by enabling the sender to confirm the name of the recipient before finalising the payment to a PayID.

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What is Osko by BPAY?

Osko by BPAY is what makes your payments so speedy! It was developed specifically for NPP so you don't have to wait hours or days for a payment to be received. This service will come in handy when paying at a group dinner, socialising, or even paying the plumber on the spot.

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What are the benefits of Osko by BPAY?

Thanks to Osko by BPAY you'll be able to transfer money in real time, even if your friend is with another financial institution or if it's a weekend. It was developed specifically for NPP so you don't have to wait hours or days for a payment to be received.

Benefits include:

  • Faster payments - typically will be received in less than a minute
  • Payments can be made and received 24/7, 365 days – including weekends, public holidays and outside of normal banking hours
  • You can use a PayID to pay and get paid
  • You can include 280 characters of text with payments
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How is Osko by BPAY and BPAY different?

It's importnat to note that Osko by BPAY will not be replacing BPAY.

Osko by BPAY is a complimentary service to BPAY to address NPP's new and innovative way to make and receive payments.

BPAY is still the easiest way to make bill payments, as it's packed with smart features to make paying bills less complicated - from bill scheduling to auto payments.

Osko by BPAY will allow you to make the payment even faster (in real time and 24/7) via any participating institutions.

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How secure is Osko by BPAY?

Osko by BPAY is implemented via our digital banking channels, so it therefore meets all security demands already applied by our financial institution. You can rest easy knowing that your speedy payment is safe and secure.

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How can I create my PayIDs

You can create your PayIDs in our internet banking and mobile banking app. Business Members will need to phone or visit us.

Go to Internet Banking

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Can I create more than one PayID?

Yes, you can create more than one PayID, for example you could create one using your mobile number and another using your email. For an example, you could also create one PayID using your personal Gmail email address [email protected] and another using your Hotmail email address [email protected]

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How many accounts can I link to my PayID?

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Can someone access my account using my PayID?

No. A PayID is only used to deposit money to your account. You can’t login to Internet Banking or the mobile banking app, or access your account over the phone by knowing and using your PayID.

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Do I need a PayID to be able to receive a payment via the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

No, PayID doesn't replace your BSB and account number. Your PayID is just an easier alternative. If you want to receive a payment via the NPP using your BSB and account number you will need to provide the following details to the payer:

  • Queensland Country’s NEW BSB number to receive NPP payments only*: 654 099
  • Account Number: Your Account Number (only active Savings and Loans accounts can be used)

*Our standard BSB 704 640 will not be able to receive payments using the NPP. All automatic payments and direct debits will continue to process as per normal using our standard BSB.

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How do I send a payment using the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

You can send a payment by simply logging into our Internet Banking or Mobile App and choosing the 'Pay someone' option.

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Can I choose if I want to send a payment using the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

No, if the institution receiving the payment on behalf of the payee is registered for NPP we will automatically send the payment using the NPP. If the receiving institution is not registered for NPP or if the payment is unable to be sent using the NPP, we will attempt to send the payment via the traditional method of ‘direct entry’. This means that the payment may take 24 to 48 hours to reach the payee’s account.