Over 50 different currency notes available
Visit our branch and we'll do the rest
You'll be prepared for incidentals like a taxi fare, a bite to eat or shopping at a local market

It doesn't matter where you're travelling or how long, it is always useful to have some local currency in your pocket. Often incidental purchases such as a cup of coffee, newspaper or a taxi ride can only be purchased with cash. So before you leave make sure you have some local currency cash in your pocket before arriving at your destination.

Together with our foreign exchange partner Travelex we offer over 50 different currency notes for sale at competitive exchange rates. Travelex can provide you with a range of exotic currencies which are ideal for your stop over destinations. With such a wide range of currencies, we can help you find the travel money solution that works best for you.

Why purchase foreign currency cash?

  • Greater control and flexibility of your money - ATM and EFTPOS machines may not always be conveniently located or available.

  • It's a convenient way to pay for those incidentals like a taxi fare, a bite to eat or shopping at the local markets.

  • Your exchange rate is locked in at the time of purchase with no expiry dates.

  • Foreign currency cash is one of the cheapest ways to carry money overseas - say goodbye to ATM and EFTPOS fees!


  • Our friendly staff are here to organise your cash for you - normally takes 2-3 business days to arrive in branch
  • You'll be prepared with local currency in your pocket before embarking on your exciting adventure
  • Wide variety of currency available
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The fine print

In facilitating the purchase of foreign currency we act as agent for the product issuer, Travelex Limited ABN 36 004 179 953, AFSL 222 444.  The relevant product disclosure document may be obtained at any Queensland Country Bank branch.  This document should be considered in deciding whether or not to acquire the product. The information provided is intended to be of a general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  Before acting on the information you should consider whether or not it is appropriate for you.