Meet Deb Salter, our Broker Relationship Manager at Queensland Country Bank.

Deb works with our Broker Support team and our Broker network to help Members reach their home-buying goals.

We asked Deb about her experiences in banking and working with the Broker channel.

What’s your role at Queensland Country Bank?

My role is Relationship Manager SEQ for the Third-Party Broker Channel. My head office is in Brisbane City however I generally work from home.

How long have you been working at Queensland Country?

I have been working at Queensland Country Bank for approximately 18 months but have been involved in banking for almost 40 years.

What does your job entail?

My role involves creating and maintaining great working relationships with brokers and their support teams. I promote our business and products and work with Brokers to workshop solutions to meet their clients’ needs and objectives. I am also involved with the financial analysis, risk management and decisioning process associated with loan applications. I am regularly on the road meeting with Brokers and providing educational presentations. I am also in regular communication with our members.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I get satisfaction from assisting members to achieve their financial dreams and goals. I also love the challenge of problem-solving loan scenarios and adding value to the Broker's business.

How many brokers do you work with across Queensland, and how do you find working with broker different to retail lending? What do you think are some of the trends in home buying over the next few years?

I have approximately 54 accredited brokers from one Aggregator and access to another 20 currently with another Aggregator as we are looking to grow the business in the SE corner. I much prefer the Broker channel to retail as you get to meet a wide range of people from varying backgrounds and business models. It is also a great platform for cross-pollination of ideas.

I believe that the property market will continue to grow well over the next few years with strategic investors looking to enter the market or add to their portfolios while homebuyers are actively looking to acquire their first home or upgrade. The Brisbane market has often been seen as a “lifestyle” choice and I believe this will continue. Strong migration to Queensland will keep pressure on property price increases.