No parent ever wants to hear that their child has been seriously injured.
Unfortunately, that news came to parents Geoff and Chloe when their 10-year-old son, Taz, was in a severe motorbike accident this year. “Taz was going for an afternoon ride wearing all of his protective gear when his helmet suddenly came off, and he sustained multiple skull fractures on his right side,” mum Chloe explained.


Taz sustained multiple skull fractures from a motorbike

Taz was immediately rushed to the Moranbah Hospital for treatment, where he was stabilized in preparation for being flown to Townsville University Hospital by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Taz was intubated and put on life support, ready for the flight to Townsville. “It was without a doubt one of the worst times in our lives,” said Chloe.

At 11 pm the family arrived at Townsville University Hospital and were transferred to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, where a medical team met them to discuss Taz’s condition.

“The CT scan showed fractures on the right side of his skull. We had no idea of the degree of disability that he could have, but we were just happy he had survived,” said Chloe. The following day the medical team advised that they would wake him to determine how bad the damage was to his brain.


“We waited to see if he would know who we were or if he would be able to talk,” said Chloe. He opened his eyes and simply said, “Ah, love you Mum, love you Dad!”. Taz was then transferred to the Paediatric Ward to further recover with his family by his side. “We spent 11 days in hospital, and the Ronald McDonald Family Room meant so much to us. Having someone make you a cup of tea and have a chat was so comforting.” Chloe said

Taz’s parents also stayed at Ronald McDonald House, steps away from Townsville University Hospital. “Being able to stay in accommodation that was clean and close to the hospital meant that we could shower, eat and rest while the other parent remained in the hospital with Taz.” Said Chloe.


Parents Chloe and Geoff had no idea how bad the damage was to Taz’s brain.



Taz is now home slowly recovering.

Taz is now home in Moranbah, slowly recovering. “We have come out of this incredibly lucky, and we are so grateful to everyone.”


If you'd like to help children like Taz and their families, you can donate via Ronald McDonald House Charities North Australia