For the fourth consecutive year, we've been awarded the prestigious Canstar 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value for our new car loan

Canstar researched and rated 241 new car loans, and awarded Queensland Country Bank’s New Car Loan a 2020 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value Car Loans.’s Star Ratings Manager, Joshua Sale said, “Choosing a car loan that offers good value with an affordable price, fast approval times, repayment options and features can make a significant difference in terms of the amount you pay in fees and interest.”

Canstar's 5-Star Rated new car loans are highlighted for offering new car shoppers a competitive price and a good mix of loan features to see borrowers repay their loan on time. 

“Queensland Country Bank’s new car loan has achieved a Canstar 5-Star Rating this year, having stood out for its affordable price and flexibility,” said Mr Sale.  

“The interest rate at the time of our research on Queensland Country Bank’s new car loan was just 4.99%, almost half the price of the market average. For those looking for a $25,000 loan over 5 years, this means Queensland Country Bank customers could save more than $3,400 in interest when compared to the market average from Canstar’s new car loan database.

“The Bank also provides customers with the flexibility they need such as the ability to gain pre-approval and to borrow the full purchase price of the car. Queensland Country Bank also helps people manage their loan by offering flexible payment options to suit customers’ cash flow and allowing them to repay their loan early with no penalty fee.” 

Queensland Country Bank Chief Executive Officer Aaron Newman said they were pleased to have received independent recognition because as a member-owned bank, there is a focus on providing genuinely beneficial products and services to Members.

“To be recognised by an independent body shows we’re providing people with something that can really help them achieve their goals,” said Mr Newman.

Mr Newman said that the Canstar recognition was valuable in helping to attract new Members to discover the benefits of banking with an organisation that reinvests profits into the products and services it offers.

“A significant number of our new Member referrals come from Canstar’s website, so we know their independent reviews and ratings are highly valued by consumers,” he said.

“Once they’ve been able to experience the level of service and products we offer through their car loan, they often choose Queensland Country for their ongoing banking and health insurance needs.

“It’s all part of the difference we’re able to offer as a member-owned organisation which doesn’t have to pay profits to shareholders, so we can can put our Members first.”   

To find out more about our New Car Loan you can speak to one of our friendly staff on 1800 075 078 or book an appointment in person here