Bank Branches Out for Face-to-Face Contact in Rockhampton

This year has seen a significant spike in the number of financial institutions closing branches in favour of faceless contact, but our member-owned bank is bucking the trend by opening a new branch in Rockhampton.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Newman, expressed how excited we are to now have a presence in Central Queensland, making it our 28th branch in the state. The move comes despite a 25% drop over five years in in-branch transactions state-wide, but Mr Newman confirmed that we firmly believe people in regional Queensland want fact-to-face contact.

“We’re bucking the trend compared to most other mutuals and major banks who are closing branches, that’s not the path we’re taking,” he said.

“Our branches are important, although we’ll continue to focus on all channels including our online service offering, as we understand each Member has their preferred way of doing business with us.

“If all financial institutions are doing the same thing, we’ll ultimately not all be successful, we need to do things differently, and as a member-owned bank, we’ll continue to align with our values of putting people first.”

Capricornia Chamber of Commerce President, Phil Henry, said the arrival of Queensland Country Bank fills the gap that existed in the market for a mutual bank.

“It’s great to have additional choice for businesses and consumers to do their banking with,” said Mr Henry.

“It’s a real benefit having a bank that has its roots in regional Queensland, so they understand the needs of regional communities and deliver their services in the manner that meets our needs.

“Queensland Country Bank have a long history of investing profits back into the communities in which they operate, so we expect our local associations and community will further benefit from their presence here.”

Mr Henry said the bank’s arrival has the potential to further assist Rockhampton’s economic growth, with the region showing positive signs of recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Local infrastructure projects are driving growth through supply chains, tourism is rebounding, and the property market is going well,” he said. 

Mr Newman agreed that based on regional trends and conversations with the local business community, Rockhampton is poised for an economic boom.

“There are a lot of positive signs coming out of Rocky, so our timing is good and we want to be part of the region’s growth,” Mr Newman said.

“We believe that banks have an important role to play in assisting with the post-pandemic economic recovery, and as a member-owned bank, we’re focused on helping our Members to achieve their business and personal financial goals.”

The arrival of the bank has also provided employment opportunities to locals, some whom had previously worked for mutual financial organisations.

“One of the key responsibilities for our organisation is to provide worthwhile and fulfilling careers that people may not otherwise have access to in regional areas, with an emphasis on helping employees achieve their career aspirations,” he said.

“The Rockhampton staff underwent training in our Townsville branches, where our Head Office is located, so they’re confident in their knowledge of the products and services available to Members, and understand the culture and values of our organisation.

“We already have approximately 1000 Members in the Rockhampton area, so we are really looking forward to increasing our service offering through our branch and supporting the local community through grants and sponsorships.”

Our new Rockhampton branch is now open and has become the 28th Queensland Country Bank branch in our network.

To find out more about your new Rockhampton branch visit here.