Minimum deposit $1,000
Choose how your interest is paid
No monthly fee

With a Fixed Term Deposit you can lock in an interest rate on your savings for a set period.


  • No monthly account service fee
  • Terms for 2 and 3 years
  • Minimum deposit of only $1,000
  • Interest paid annually (term deposits with interest paid monthly or at maturity are also available)

For balances over $1 million on any term, please contact us for our best rates.

Rates & Fees

Product 2 year term 3 year term
$1,000 < $5,000 3.30 Interest rate 3.50 Interest rate
$5,000 < $20,000 3.30 Interest rate 3.50 Interest rate
$20,000 < $50,000 3.30 Interest rate 3.50 Interest rate
$50,000 < $1,000,000 3.30 Interest rate 3.50 Interest rate
All interest rates quoted are per annum and are calculated on a tiered basis with interest paid on the entire balance at the applicable tiered interest rate. Effective Tuesday 6 September 2022
Monthly fee $0
Early redemption fee Calculated as follows: Principal x (Early Redemption Rate of 0.1%) x (days invested/365)

Interest rates up to

3.50 Percent per annum

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The fine print

Your funds are locked in for the agreed time at the agreed interest rate. If we approve your request to break your term deposit early, break fees apply for the early redemption. If you wish to add to your term deposit, you can only do so on the maturity date and at the time of reinvestment.

Please be aware that interest rates may change at any time prior to an agreement being entered into. Before acquiring this product please refer to the Fees and charges brochureFinancial Service Guide; Target Market Determination, Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use; and Deposit Interest Rates Schedules to determine if the product is right for you.