“I had always wanted to get into banking because I saw it as an industry you can make a career in, not just have a job. Queensland Country has given me a career.”

Over four years ago Chris joined Queensland Country as a Personal Banking Consultant in our Aitkenvale branch located in Townsville. We took some time recently to talk with Chris about his career journey to date.

What transferable skills did you have that led you to a role at Queensland Country and/or progress your career at Queensland Country?

I spent 10 years in hospitality prior to joining Queensland Country and the key attribute that is transferable is communication, and furthermore, being able to adapt your communication style. My initial view on a job in banking was all about counting money and using calculators but one of the most relied upon skills is communication and being able to really listen to your member and their needs.

What does “owning your career” mean to you?

Being in control of your future by creating a goal to aim for and then putting in the effort to get there. I found it easy to "own my career" because I thoroughly enjoy the industry. I think owning your career is taking your learning into your own hands, asking questions, and finding the right mentors to help you get where you want to go.

Tell us about your career journey and why you felt it was important to be mobile to support your career growth?

I started as a Personal Banking Consultant in Townsville at the Aitkenvale branch but quite often there would be a need for staff to help other branches out. I forced myself to help at other branches in the region which help me pick up different learnings from a variety of staff. The team at Aitkenvale taught me all the fundamentals and helped develop my skillset which led to me filling in as Team Leader at times when the opportunity came up.
I was successful for a full-time Lender in the Townsville City branch where I worked closely with the Local Manager Amy, who was key in further developing my lending skills whilst keeping my career aspirations of becoming a Branch Manager front of mind. When Amy was away, I would often be given the opportunity to fill her position which was great to get a feel for managing a branch. The team at Townsville City constantly helped build my leadership skills and gave me the push I needed to apply for my current role as our Mount Isa Branch Manager.
Being mobile has enabled me to progress to Branch Manager of Queensland Country’s founding branch after 4 short years in the finance industry. I’ve been exposed to different operating rhythms, different levels of experienced staff members and different departments by being mobile which in turn has supported my career growth.

How would you define the Queensland Country culture?

Queensland Country's culture is supportive, friendly, inclusive, and opportunistic. From that nervous first day to 4 years down the track, the staff at Queensland Country have been really supportive and great to work with. I’ve made some great friends in my time here. The opportunities to try new things, and advance your career are endless if you put your hand up and have a go.

What is your favourite employee benefit at Queensland Country?

My favourite Queensland Country benefit is birthday leave. Who doesn’t love a day off for their birthday!

At Queensland Country, Chris’s story is a great reminder of how investing in our people can benefit many, from our staff to our members and the communities that we live in. Chris’s story is just one of many that we’ll be sharing with you to give you an insight into what it’s like to work with us. Visit our About Us and Careers section to find out more.