Your everyday banking shouldn't cost you a fortune. If you're seeing extra charges each month on your statement, check out our helpful tips below to see if you can save money.

Press credit on your Visa Debit card

If you've got a Visa Debit card, press credit at the checkout. You get unlimited "credit" transactions each month on your Visa Debit card, while still using your own money - so use it whenever available! This means you can save your included free transactions each month for those times when you have to press Savings (like when there's a credit card transaction fee) or for things like direct debits and BPAY®.

Use Queensland Country and partner ATMs

Where possible, use Queensland Country ATMs to withdraw money and avoid fees being charged from other banks' ATMs.

Use EFTPOS cash-out facilities

If you need some cash, save time and fees by combining your transactions and getting cash out at the checkout where available.

Use internet or mobile banking to check your balance or to transfer between accounts

If you just need to know how much is in your account, log on to internet banking or mobile banking to check your balance, rather than using the ATM.

If you need to move money from one account to another, use mobile banking or internet banking to save having to dip into your included transactions.

Reduce the number of accounts you have

If you've got multiple bank accounts, especially across different banks, you might be paying fees for each account. Consider merging or closing ones you don't use, or consider attaching an Online Saver (which has no monthly fees) to your Queensland Country everyday transaction account for an at-call option for holding your savings.