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Why are these changes being made?


The decision to amalgamate our existing Brassall and Winston Glades shopping centre branches was heavily influenced by research we conducted. Our research revealed that there has been a steady decline in traffic through our Brassall and Winston Glades shopping centres, despite the growth in our Membership base.

We also identified that there is a shift in how and where our Members shop and do their daily business, with many Members tending to frequent more central and populated precincts like Riverlink. So, this lead us to the decision to open a new branch at Riverlink Shopping Centre in early September 2020. The branch will be located at the Lowry Street entrance to Riverlink, facing the carpark and with access from inside the centre.

The new Riverlink branch will feature a new branch design and will be equipped with modern technology designed to help make your visit to the branch more enjoyable. Additionally, it will also be open for Saturday morning trade for Members who prefer to deal with us outside our usual weekday hours.

Both the Brassall and Winston Glades branches will remain open with regular trading hours until Thursday, 3 September 2020. The new Riverlink branch will open on Monday, 7 September 2020.

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What does this mean for local staff?

Our staff are as important to us as they are to you. They have all been offered positions at either Booval or Riverlink.

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Who will be looking after my account?

The same friendly team will be there to look after you, depending on what suits you best, you will be able to visit either (or both) of our Ipswich branches (34 South Station Road Booval or Riverlink).

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Will I still be able to withdraw cash at Brassall and Winston Glades?

Yes. There are a number of ATMs at both centres that allow cash withdrawals from your accounts.

In addition, withdrawals can be made at the Australia Post outlet in Brassall through our membership of the [email protected] scheme. While [email protected] is not available in Winston Glades, it is available at the nearby Raceview Post Office (Shop 28-29, Raceview Shopping Centre, 64 Raceview Street, Raceview)

If you do not currently have an ATM card, please speak to one of our friendly team who can assist in ordering one for you.

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How can I continue to operate my account with Queensland Country?

In addition to branch access at Riverlink and Booval, you can continue to access your accounts via:

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I'd like to use Bank at Post after my branch relocates, but my old Queenslanders card doesn't work there, what should I do?

If [email protected] will be the most convenient option for you after we relocate, we will happily arrange a new compatible VISA debit card for you and waive the usual $8.00 fee for a new card. Just call 1800 075 073 or visit your local branch to arrange this.

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What do I need to do?

Your account details will all remain the same and if you have any questions or need any help please talk to one of our friendly team.

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What does this mean more broadly for Queensland Country’s operations?

  • Queensland Country’s investment in a new branch for Ipswich demonstrates our strong commitment to providing quality banking services to your community.
  • Ipswich is an important location for Queensland Country Bank and we envisage the new Riverlink branch will provide convenience for our many existing Members who already use the centre.
  • We also anticipate that the convenience of the location will help us to continue growing in the area as more Ipswich residents become aware of the products and services we offer.
  • In addition to our investment in the new Riverlink branch, and in line with our commitment to improving the branch banking experience we deliver in Ipswich, Booval branch will also receive some small improvements to its design in coming months.
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Is the closure of Brassall and Winston Glades branches the result of the merger between Queensland Country and Queenslanders that occurred in 2018?

No. Prior to the merger, the Board and management of Queenslanders were already monitoring the decrease in over-the-counter transactions made at both branches. Had the merger not occurred, Queenslanders would still have been required to make a decision regarding the longer-term viability of retaining face to face services in both locations.