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The grant applications form needs to be completed all at once, you will not be able to save and return to the form.

You can download a copy of our application preparations guide to plan you application prior to starting the online application. 

Required information

Getting to know you

Firstly, we need to know a little more about you and your organisation. 

Primary contact person

Is your organisation registered for GST with the ATO?

The Queensland Country Bank Account of Your Organisation - for the deposit of grant funding. 

Must be a valid Australian bank account format. This must be a bank account of the organisation. Please ensure these details are correct as the grant funding will be deposited into this bank account.  

Have you been awarded a Queensland Country Community Grant in the past?

About your project

Is there a foreseeable risk your project will not be completed before May, 2021?

Budget Details

Tell us how much your project will cost. 

Tell us if you are seeking funding for this project from other sources

Queensland Country must be notified immediately and any application for grant funding must be withdrawn should your group be successful in securing funding for your project from another funding body/organisation.


Our full terms and conditions  (Will open in a new window.)

I agree to the terms and conditions provided in this application for this purpose. Declaration I declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct. I agree to allow Queensland Country Bank Limited’s authorised officers, or its auditors, to inspect the organisation’s records and obtain such financial information in respect of the approved and funded projects as they require. I acknowledge that Queensland Country Bank Limited may disclose information about the applicant to their Members and the public via the Queensland Country Bank Limited website, newsletter, annual report, social media, media releases and other means. By submitting this application, I consent to the Queensland Country Bank Limited using and disclosing our personal information for this purpose.