No entry or management fees
Safeguard against market downturns

If you're planning for retirement and want a lower risk superannuation product, the Super Retirement Savings Account (Super RSA) might be right for you.


  • No exposure to share market losses
  • No entry or management fees
  • Deposits up to $250,000 are covered by the Australian Government Guarantee Scheme
  • Funds are accessible on retirement from the workplace on or after reaching the preservation age in the form of a lump sum, an account-based pension, or a combination of both
  • Capital is guaranteed by the assets of Queensland Country Bank


If you have an investment amount above $1 million please contact us for rates.

Learn more about Super RSA interest rates and prior year earnings of Queensland Country RSA by downloading our Super RSA Interest Rate Schedule.

Rates & Fees

Super RSA Variable Rate $1 < $10,000 0.15Interest rate
Super RSA Variable Rate $10,000 < $50,000 0.45Interest rate
Super RSA Variable Rate $50,000 + 0.50Interest rate
Entry fee $0
Exit fee $50 For a withdrawal or transfer from your Super RSA at your request.
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The fine print

Retirement Savings Account rates are quoted net of all administration fees and before tax and any Government charges. 

Please be aware that interest rates may change at any time without agreement. All interest rates quoted are per annum. Fees and charges are payable. Before acquiring this product, the information above should be read in conjunction with the following documents to determine if this product is right for you: Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use brochureProduct Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Super Retirement Savings Account issued by Queensland Country Bank Limited; Statement of ComplianceSuper RSA Interest Rates Schedule; and Super RSA Application Form available at your local Queensland Country Bank branch. Together these documents comprise the Product Disclosure Statement for the Queensland Country Super Retirement Savings Account.