If you’re receiving regular or one-off foreign currency payments to an Australian bank account, our inward telegraphic transfer service may be the ideal solution.

Reliable & cost effective incoming international payment service

Backed by Western Union Business Solutions, Queensland Country offers a timely and reliable incoming international payment service.

When you’re bringing money across from another country, transaction charges from the banks can take a big chunk out of your payment. Instead of saying goodbye to your cash, you can choose an easy way to receive your payment at a much lower cost.

By leveraging the Western Union Business Solutions global banking network, you may be able to avoid or reduce transaction fees2. When funds are deposited into Western Union Business Solutions’ nominated account they will arrange for the funds to be transferred to your Queensland Country account at a competitive and guaranteed exchange rate, without charging any fees1&2.

Inward telegraphic transfers

An inward telegraphic transfer (also known as an “inward wire”) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to your account from an overseas remitter. In most cases a TT is the quickest way to receive funds from abroad (a TT will normally take three-to-four business days to be credited to your account, although this can never be guaranteed).

How does it work?

The remitter should send the funds in their own currency, and Western Union Business Solutions will convert them into Australian dollars before forwarding to Queensland Country for credit to your account.

Receiving an inward TT

  1. Click on the following link – Receive money from overseas
  2. Choose the country you are receiving funds from.
  3. Complete the relevant information in the online form and submit.
  4. You will then be presented with deposit instructions by email. Please save it for your reference and email the instructions to your payee.

Ask the sender to present these instructions to their bank when sending the payment to you and deposit the amount into the dedicated account as stated in the instructions in local currency and not in AUD.


  • Savings for you: you won’t be charged a beneficiary deduct fee so you’ll get the full payment amount.
  • Savings for the sender: the transfer is treated as a local transaction*
  • Fast and reliable service: your payments are handled by foreign exchange experts and you can usually expect funds in your account within 3-4 business days.
  • Wide range of currencies
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The fine print

1 Western Union Business Solutions will hold a quoted exchange rate for 72 hours. The payment will need to reach WUBS’s nominated account within this time frame for WUBS to honour the quoted rate.

2 Western Union Business Solutions processes over 25 currencies fee-free however some exotic or other currencies may attract fees. In some instances intermediary banks may levy additional fees and/or charges.

3 Payments are usually received by the beneficiary within 2 to 3 business days after receipt of funds by WUBS in accordance with payment instructions. There is no delivery period guarantee. Some currencies may take longer than others to process.

Any financial products described in this document are provided by Queensland Country Bank. Queensland Country Bank has entered into an agreement with Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd (ACN 150 129 749; AFSL 404092) (“WUBS”), to engage WUBS’s services in fulfilling these financial products. WUBS is an operating division of the Western Union Company.

Fees and charges may apply, depending upon the financial product. Full terms and conditions are available upon request from any of our branches.

The relationship relating to the financial products is solely between you and Queensland Country Bank. WUBS does not give any advice, general, personal or otherwise. Any advice provided, is provided by Queensland Country Bank or your adviser. This communication has been prepared solely for informational purposes and does not in any way create binding obligations. No representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, are made in this communication.