Continual credit
No set repayments
Borrow up to 80% of the value of your property

Our Line of Credit is an overdraft facility that provides you with the ability to continually draw up to your credit limit at any time for your home, car and other credit requirements.

Its flexibility allows you to pay off as much or as little as you like (provided the Line of Credit remains under the credit limit), and provides you with a continual source of credit without having to worry about extra application or establishment fees.

This credit facility is designed to suit almost everyone, whether you’re buying or building an owner-occupied home, renovating, refinancing, investing, or simply want to use the equity in your property to make large purchases and pay bills.

We lend up to 80% of the value of your property/ies.

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  • Continual credit facility
  • No set repayments (interest only repayments are required if you reach your limit)
  • Automatic payroll deduction directly into the Line of Credit to reduce any interest charged
  • Access to your funds via: phone banking, online banking, branches, cheque, ATM & EFTPOS, BPAY®

Rates & Fees

Product Interest Rate Interest only
Line of Credit 4.94 Interest rate N/A
Discounted Line of Credit 4.44 Interest rate N/A
Effective date from Monday 6 April 2020
Establishment fee $250
Document fee $250
Annual fee $100
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The fine print

Please be aware that variable interest rates may change at any time without agreement. All interest rates quoted are per annum. Fees and charges are payable. Normal lending criteria, terms and conditions apply and are available on request. 

Before acquiring this product, the information above should be read in conjunction with the following documents to determine if this product is right for you: Home Loan brochureFees and Charges brochureAccount and Access Facility Conditions of UseFinancial Services GuideLoan Interest Rate Schedule and Credit Guide.

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Home loan key fact sheets

Queensland Country Bank, like all lending institutions, offers a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet to help you compare home loans in the market.

Home Loan Key Facts Sheets provide information about our loan products in a set standard format so it is easier for you to shop around and compare our loan products with those of other lenders (i.e. to compare apples with apples). The Home Loan Key Facts Sheet is one of a number of initiatives of the Government’s Fairer and Simpler Banking reforms.

Please click on the link to generate a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet which you can then choose to print or receive by email.

Home Loan Key Facts Sheets

A home loan facts sheet is not an offer of credit. Queensland Country Bank is not obliged to provide you with the home loan described in the home loan facts sheet, you still need to apply for the loan and meet the lending criteria.